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Kirsten has a deep desire to correct the imbalances in the world, and does so through her practice of environmental law and environmental justice. She is

an environmental and human rights activist who empowers communities to understand their rights and know how to enforce them.


Her experience spans environmental litigation, remediation and pollution law as well as corporate policy and compliance auditing. Kirsten has consulted extensively, researched, advised and provided opinions on various statutes, bylaws and ordinances, and many aspects of law encompassing marine and wildlife protection, conservation, protected areas and biodiversity.


In addition to advocating for and providing legal support in all fields of environmental law, climate and environmental justice, Kirsten also assists in opposing and/or appealing applications made in terms of mining legislation and the various National Environmental Management Acts. This work often encompasses cultural heritage, human rights, traditional land rights and
water rights.


She chooses her clients carefully and works on matters that allow her to fight for causes that she believes in. Kirsten is a sought-after speaker whose talks on climate and environmental justice issues and the legalities involved help motivate positive action.


Kirsten has a Bachelor of Social Science degree, an LLB degree and Masters in Environmental Law (cum laude).