Trudie believes strongly
that legal practitioners
have a duty to give back
to society and the communities

in which they practice

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about us

Trudie has over 20 years’ experience as a practising attorney. She has a mixed litigation and non-contentious practice. Trudie believes strongly that legal practitioners have a duty to give back to society and the communities in which they practice, as officers of the court and as individuals who are held in high esteem by members of the public and who should at all times uphold and help enforce the rights enshrined in our Bill of Rights.


This belief has informed most of her life decisions, starting with the delay of her articles of clerkship so that she could work for the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies as a street law co-ordinator. Once she started practising independently in 2004, she has always ensured that she has acted for NGOs and voluntary associations in relation to public law, strategic impact and class action constitutional litigation to assist in representing the most vulnerable individuals in our society.


She has worked on matters relating to socio-economic rights such as housing, the environment, health, education and women’s rights under customary unions. Some recent examples include; acting on the instructions of the Wildlands Conservation Trust, representing the Friends of Tsitsikamma, a voluntary association comprising scientists, academics and marine conservationists to interdict and review a decision by the relevant authorities to permit recreational angling in the Tsitsikamma Marine Protected Area. Acting on the instructions of Section 27 and the Treatment Action Campaign to obtain an urgent interdict to allow a peaceful march to proceed as planned. Most notably, representing SERI and Abahlahli Basemjondolo Movement SA since 2009 in a vast number of urgent applications and interdicts relating to the rights of individuals and families who reside in informal settlements to protection from unlawful evictions, arbitrary destruction of personal property, personal injury and to dignity and respect.


Trudie has a Bachelor of Arts degree and an LLB degree. She is also a member of the South African Legal Practice Council, Exco, the national regulatory body for all legal practitioners in South Africa.





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