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All Rise is made up of attorneys, environmental custodians and community partners.
We use the power of the law and the strength of good will to protect the planet and all that reside on it. We are the voice for a planet that can’t fight back, and for communities and individuals who have tried but have not yet been heard. Our non-profit organisation may be small, but that will never stop us from challenging the biggest mining conglomerates, corrupt corporations and government on behalf of everyone’s right to clean energy, clean air, pollution-free oceans, clean water, and habitable land.


We focus on:

Empowering people

More South Africans, especially the 18% who are from traditional communities living in rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal, need legal support to underpin their constitutionally enshrined environmental rights from inclusive, empowered institutions. Those who are least responsible for climate change are those who suffer its gravest consequences. So we support community understanding and engagement around the impacts of polluting industries, particularly coal mining, and provide legal services.


Protecting the natural environment and its wildlife

“Better conservation, restoration and management of ecosystems – be they forests, wetlands or oceans – play a critical role in the healthy functioning of the carbon cycle and the balanced regulation of the planet’s climate.” (Climate 2020: Degrees of devastation, published by Witan Media for the United Nations Association – UK). We advocate for better policy and legislation to ensure the protection of vulnerable species, and provide legal services in prioritised cases.


Opposing fossil fuels, particularly coal

Coal is the worst fossil fuel for greenhouse gas emissions. It is the single largest source of global temperature increase. We advocate for better legislation and enforcement of compliance to legislation and hold government accountable for failure to enforce legislation. We also participate in environmental licensing and other decision-making processes, and provide legal services to support the assertion of environmental rights


In accordance with the Legal Practice Council requirements, and in terms of our case selection criteria, we will only consider
cases where the person or organisation requesting advice is unable:

1. to afford to engage the services of private environmental attorneys; or

2. to access the resources required to engage such services (with respect to non-public interest organisations).