Janice Tooley

Janice Tooley BSc. Zoology and Botany. BSc. Honours Ecology. MSc. Environmental Management cum laude. LLB cum laude.


Janice has been practicing as an environmental attorney since 2013 and has a unique skill set in both environmental management and law. She initially trained in ecology and environmental management, and worked as an environmental consultant, facilitator and environmental impact assessment (EIA) practitioner for many years before pursuing a career as an environmental lawyer.

“There is so much injustice in this world, and so much suffering caused by environmental degradation and pollution. It is important that we all do something about it”.

Janice is driven by a strong sense of fairness and justice and believes absolutely in people’s right to dignity. Her optimism is tireless and she doesn’t give up - there is always a better way of doing things, even when the solutions are not obvious provided people work together and in good faith.

She is highly skilled in the legal and technical aspects of EIA and all things to do with environmental licensing, compliance and administrative action. She believes that for the most part, South Africa has good environmental policy and law, but that it is the implementation thereof that fails us. In order to achieve just and effective environmental solutions, people need to be empowered and know their environmental rights and obligations. Government also needs to play its part by upholding these rights, enforcing the law and promoting best practice.

Sharing knowledge is as important to Janice as gaining it. She is an experienced trainer, facilitator and speaker.