Kirsten Youens

Kirsten Youens  B.Soc.Sci LLB, LLM cum laude


Kirsten qualified as an attorney in 1999 and has a Masters degree in Environmental Law. She has specialised in this field for most of her professional career. 

Kirsten has a deep desire to correct the imbalances in the world, and does so through her practice of environmental law and environmental justice. 

Kirsten works on matters advocating for better protection of wildlife, specifically protected, endangered and threatened species, both terrestrial and marine. Her cases support communities, conservation organisations and NGOs in protecting their environmental rights as well as enforcing environmental legislation for the purpose of preserving natural resources and combatting climate change. Kirsten offers legal advice and support in all fields of environmental law and  environmental justice and has done a great deal of work in opposing and/or appealing applications made in terms of mining legislation and the various National Environmental Management Acts. This work often encompasses cultural heritage, human rights, traditional land rights and water rights.

Kirsten is enthusiastic about life, fearless and fearsome! Beauty and nature inspire her, but strength of character inspires her more. She chooses clients carefully and works on matters that allow her to fight for causes that she believes in.