ALL RISE is a non-profit organisation and registered law clinic for climate and environmental justice based in KwaZulu-Natal. We are the only pro bono attorneys in the province working exclusively in the environmental field and one of a few in the country. We assist communities and organisations to assert their Constitutional right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being. 

To combat climate change and promote environmental justice we:


  • advocating for protection of the environment, its wildlife, ecosystems and services
  • opposing fossil fuel and other unsustainable developments that exacerbate climate change
  • holding government and the private sector accountable
  • working towards adaptation and resilience to climate change by promoting and advocating for change in procedures, practices and legislation. 
  • ensuring the environmental laws and policies of our country are adhered to and enforced; 
  • advocating for the strengthening of the regulatory system for increased environmental and climate protection. 
  • providing environmental legal expertise and services to organisations and communities that would otherwise not be able to afford them 

EMPOWER people to understand and enforce their Constitutional Rights, specifically their right to:

  • an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being
  • environment protection through reasonable legislative and other measures
  • sufficient food and water
  • not to be deprived of property
  • have their inherent dignity respected and protected
  • be free from all forms of violence
  • equality before the law 
  • equal protection and benefit of the law
  • access to information and just administrative action
  • have any dispute resolved by the application of law, and decided by a court 

This we do through: 

  • advocacy and training and, where necessary, administrative law processes and remedies, and legal action.
  •  public awareness 
  •  legal mentoring to future environmental attorneys.


  • promoting  best and better practice in EIAs, public participation and decision-making
  • advocating for law reform where needed


  • Legal advice on climate change and a range of environmental issues (incl. pollution, land and water use, natural resources, marine, wildlife and conservation)
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) - advice, participation and appeals
  • Community support (including training to empower people to actively engage in public participation processes, legal protection against violence, building solidarity, trauma counselling, emotional support , ad hoc advice and working with police where necessary)
  • Public awareness and education (provision of information and training in environmental law, EIA processes, constitutional and administrative law rights
  • Commenting on draft legislation


In accordance with the Legal Practice Council requirements, and in terms of our case selection criteria, we will only consider cases where the person or organisation requesting advice is unable:

  1. to afford to engage the services of private environmental attorneys; or
  2. to access the resources required to engage such services (with respect to non-public interest organisations).